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Old Palace students share why The Whitgift Foundation’s Founder’s Day is important to them.

Today is an important day for The Whitgift Foundation, as it marks the start of our founder, Archbishop John Whitgift’s legacy. On 22 March 1596, he laid the first two Foundation Stones building his Hospital of the Holy Trinity – now known as the Whitgift Almshouses.

Remembering John Whitgift is so important to us because of all that his legacy has done to support the older generation and the young people it has helped educate.

“Founder’s Day makes me feel proud to be part of the Foundation”

Being a part of the Founder’s Day service in Year Seven and now as Head and Deputy Head Girls, the day has developed into a memorable experience for us. The special service, attended by representatives from the Foundation’s three schools: Whitgift, Trinity and Old Palace, as well as residents from Whitgift Care: Whitgift Almshouses, Whitgift House and Wilhelmina House and the Carers’ Information Service, reminds us of the importance of the work that the Foundation does, and it makes us feel exceptionally proud to be a part of it.

It not only helps to look after those within the Foundation but also those within the general community of Croydon; the Carers’ Information Service alone supports the Borough’s estimated 34,000 carers as well as the financial support the Foundation gives to 45% of its students through its bursary scheme. The charity also enables both the older and younger generation to interact and share experiences with each other which is very important in a time where this type of opportunity is often very rare.

To be a part of a charity which does so much and has such an interesting history is incredibly important. Being able to benefit from all The Whitgift Foundation has done for the school in the years that we have been at Old Palace is something that we will always be grateful for.

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