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Old Palace hosts historic performance of Thomas Nashe’s Summer’s Last Will and Testament.

Old Palace School was delighted to take part in the Thomas Nashe project which showcased his famous Elizabethan stage play Summer’s Last Will and Testament.

The play was first performed at Old Palace in the autumn of 1592 and is now the subject of a five year project supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council led by academics from the UK and the USA. The premise of the project was to perform the play once again in a series of venues, including the Globe Theatre, with the finale taking place on 30 September in the Banqueting Hall of the Palace where it was first performed.

The play was originally performed by an all boy cast and so this revival was also given by an all-boys cast from the King Edwards V1’s school Stratford, which Shakespeare himself attended.

The atmosphere of the Old Palace Banqueting Hall was magical with some of the younger students commenting they felt as if they were in Hogwarts!  The audience was extremely varied and included academics from across the country. Old Palace were particularly pleased to welcome members of the Croydon Youth Theatre.  

Mrs Jewell, Headmistress, Old Palace School said: “We believe that this was another great historical event in the history of Old Palace. All who were at the performance knew they were witnessing something very special”.

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