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A level art Trinity student Ella Higgins

Trinity School's Summer Exhibition displays exam pupils’ talent and creativity.

A contemporary and skillful exhibition of art is on display at Trinity School’s Shaw Gallery. The annual GCSE and A level Art and Photography exhibition includes a vast range of experimental techniques in a range of materials. Oil painting, mixed media sculpture, ceramics, drawing, printing, film and both traditional and digital photography are all represented. The exhibition highlights the dedication, skills and creativity of Trinity students.

Trinity’s Director of Art, Alan Carlyon Smith praised the commitment and professionalism of both the pupils and the Art & Photography staff:

“The standard of work this year is superb, both the GCSE and GCE students have surpassed themselves. In some ways this should not come as a surprise as they have been great students and have thrived in Trinity’s supportive environment.”

A level art Trinity student Ella Higgins specialises in sensitive and imaginative portraiture (see picture entitled Eliza) and is about to embark on a Fine Art course at Leeds University. The 18 year-old explained the inspiration for her paintings: “Trinity has given me confidence in my work, allowing me to develop as an artist, expanding my skill set.  In recent works I have specialised in oil paints on canvas, working with a neutral palette, where I gradually build up the layers to great depth and form in my portraiture.”

Fellow A level student Oscar Howell (aged 18), who has a place on Central St Martin’s Art Foundation course,  uses a variety of different media to create his pieces: wax, plastic, paint, found objects… (see picture entitled Drawers). He said: “Art has always been a passion of mine. Trinity’s teachers in the Art and Photography department bring such a great range of ideas. They have allowed me to explore lots of different routes with my work and find out for myself where I want to go with my art.”

The exhibition is open to the public on Monday 27th June 4.30 - 6.30 pm when there will be live music and refreshments.

Photos: Eliza by Ella Higgins (oils and charcoal on canvas); 

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