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Whitgift School's coding enthusiast features in official Raspberry Pi magazine. 

Lower First Form student and DT Scholar, Femi Olowade-Coombes, has featured in the MagPi magazine for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. The article explores his and his mother’s journey in learning coding. It all started when they attended a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) event and were both intrigued by the coding aspect. They started attending more ‘Raspberry Jams’ - coding workshops where aficionados of all levels can share knowledge and meet like-minded people.

Fast-forward a few months and Femi and his mum were organising their own jams, aimed at 5-15 year olds. Their South London Raspberry Jam, as they have called it, is also Autism and Tourette’s friendly. Femi explains, “I found that I really liked coding events and felt like the kids I know with Autism and Tourette’s might also like them. We have partnered up with Tourettes Action and Ambitious About Autism to help spread the word about how much fun coding can be.”

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