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Former Pupil and Great Britain Basketball Champion, Ashley Hamilton, returns to Trinity

Former Pupil and GB Basketball Champion, Ashley Hamilton, returns to Trinity School.

Former Trinity pupil and GB basketball player, Ashley Hamilton, returned to Trinity School on Tuesday 12th May. Ashley attended Trinity from 2000 to 2005 and is currently playing professionally in Lebanon, having played National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball in the US and at an elite level in Spain, Germany and the Ukraine.
During his visit to Trinity, Ashley led a hugely enjoyable junior basketball session and took part in a lively Question & Answer session with pupils and staff. Boys asked him a variety of questions ranging from what it was like to travel the world and the importance of diet.

The elite sportsman gave the following advice: “People and the networks that surround you are the most important things in life.  If you want to become a better athlete, a good diet is essential. It is also important to take time out to rest your body and to let it regenerate. I use that time to work on my skills. I watch myself playing and I also watch others to fine tune my game. There is always room to improve and learn.”
It was no doubt music to the Headmaster’s ears when Ashley also stressed the importance of academic work: “Selection coaches look at your schooling for signs of commitment and hard work and to assess your character.”
Trinity pupil Soloman Addy (Year 8) said: “Today I learnt that if you really want to be a professional sportsman then you have to dedicate everything to the sport. It’s not just playing it; you have to eat, sleep and think right.”
Fellow pupil Ada Okorogheye (Year 9) added: “It was a privilege to meet Ashley. It showed us what could happen if we were to work hard at school towards our ambitions, as we are lucky to be surrounded with what we need in terms of facilities and staff.  Ashley's visit really highlighted the opportunities we have. It's not every day that you meet a professional basketball player and I must say he is a giant but a really nice guy!  It’s great that he went out of his way to pay us a visit.”
Ashley concluded the Q&A session by paying homage to fellow alumnus and water polo champion, Sean King (also left 2005). Sean represented Great Britain at the London Olympics, England at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and has been selected as Head Coach for the English Schools U18 Water Polo team for their tour in summer 2015. He now teaches at Trinity and coaches the water polo team.
Ashley Hamilton said: “Listen to Sean King – he’s been there, he’s knows what to do.”

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