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Whitgift international summer school 2015

Whitgift Summer School was a great hit for 168 international students and returns next year.

After 18 months of planning and preparation, the inaugural residential Whitgift Summer School started on 5 July 2015, and ran for six weeks. It was attended by 168 international students, aged 11–17, who came from 16 different countries. One of the unique aspects of our Summer School course was the inclusion of 140 Whitgift and Old Palace of John Whitgift School students. Every morning, the international students attended general English lessons, targeted at improving their range and accuracy of language. They were then joined by the British students for afternoon lessons, where they worked collaboratively on various projects. Students also engaged in varied co-curricular activities, a fun evening entertainment programme, and twice-weekly trips to London. The feedback from our international students and parents was fantastic, and there have already been booking requests for next summer. More information about the Summer School can be found here.

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