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Croydon Heritage Festival to bring town alive for third successive year.

This summer Croydon came alive with over 100 events over two weeks which explored and celebrated our town’s rich and fascinating heritage.

The second Croydon Heritage Festival – run by The Whitgift Foundation and sponsored by the Croydon Partnership, Stiles Harold Williams and the Croydon Guardian – took place from 21 June to 4 July at a number of venues across Croydon. It successfully drew together volunteers, community organisations and businesses to showcase some of the most interesting features from Croydon’s past, whilst catching a glimpse of the town’s future.

The festival kicked off with Croydon Heritage Day, an event which transformed the town centre with stalls run by local groups and societies, open buildings such as the Whitgift Almshouses and Croydon Clocktower, tours of historic Croydon run by Croydon Tours, and lots of live performances including Bollywood dancing from Apsara Arts, a community driven Asian arts charity, as well as carnival music from Kinetika Bloco, a charity that improves the creative engagement of young people in London.

Croydon Heritage Day was just the start of the festival fortnight, which saw the local community energised into holding an average of over seven events each day. Highlights included behind the scenes tours of Croydon’s tram depot, talks given by local experts on wide ranging aspects of the Borough’s history, a number of workshops for different ages, as well as a Heritage Exhibition in Fairfield Halls, supported by 14 local organisations and explored local people’s personal connections to their town.

We’re therefore delighted to announce that we will be running the Croydon Heritage Festival again in 2015. The dates are yet to be confirmed, but if you’re interested in getting involved then we would love to hear from you. Please contact or 020 8256 1579.

If you would like information about next year’s festival as it’s released, then do subscribe to our email newsletter.


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