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Our Annual Journal details all our charitable achievements for the academic year 2012/13.

We are delighted to unveil our new Annual Journal which highlights achievements across all of The Whitgift Foundation’s charitable activities for the academic year 2012/13.

From three months to 103 years old, we are proud to support thousands of people in the local area through our education and care services.

The academic year 2012/13 was our busiest yet with the opening of the new Carers Support Centre in central Croydon and boarding house at Whitgift School; the first ever Croydon Heritage Festival and one of our care homes, Whitgift House, was awarded the highest Gold Standard Award for its care of older people, to name a few success stories.

Our schools, Whitgift, Trinity and Old Palace, also achieved another year of academic and co-curricular success with exceptional drama and music events; county and national sporting achievements and significant work undertaken in the local community.

We’re also proud to help more than 40% of our pupils with schools fees equating to in excess of £5 million a year. This is one of the largest school fee support schemes in the UK!

We hope this new publication will give you a better understanding of our work so that we can reach out further to those who may be able to benefit from the services we offer.

Download your copy here.

Whitgift Foundation, Annual Report, 2012, 2013, academic year, achievements, charity, work, croydon, community

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