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Old Palace perform at O2 Arena

Old Palace Year 5 students performed at the ‘Young Voices’ concert at the O2 Arena.

Old Palace Prep School performed in a choir of more than 7,000 school children in one of the 20th anniversary ‘Young Voices’ concerts on Wednesday 3 February. The girls had to perform in 13 different songs, some of which were medleys, and had been busy rehearsing since last September.

Students: Kulsoom, Jessica, Teja, Miali, Megan and Sarah tell us more about the special event:

We thought the O2 Arena was huge and all the school children were very excited. We were also nervous and a bit scared at the same time! In the afternoon we had to rehearse in the arena for 3 hours. During the rehearsal we met all the guest artists we would be singing and dancing with – an opera singer called Laura Wright, a rock singer called Tom Billington and world champion beatboxers who made an amazing range of sounds with their voices and microphones! There was also a really cool group of street dancers called ‘Urban Strides’.

After the rehearsal we sat on the floor and ate our tea. At six o ‘clock we went back into the arena and all the parents were gathering in their seats and waving to their children. Our parents found where we were sitting because Angie and her Mum very kindly made us big lovely white bows which made us stand out. 

When the concert started a lady called Gigi came on the stage and she was the host. She wore a rainbow dress, pink tights and rosy red shoes. She looked fantastic! 

We enjoyed each and every song but especially the ‘Pop Medley’ and ‘Power in me’. Another Old Palace favourite was ‘The Lightening Tree’. A brilliant band accompanied all our singing. We really enjoyed watching the musicians in the band performing their instruments live in front of us. Everyone was especially excited when the cameraman came around to film us for the official DVD!

It was a once in a life time opportunity and it was amazing to feel and hear all the voices around us. We really liked wearing the special white YV t-shirts that glowed in the dark. We loved the lighting effects as they swept across the arena and each time the lights went out after a performance the choir went crazy and flashed their tiny torches.

On our way home we had not even half recovered from the dazzling show that we had been part of. The next day (in fact for several days afterwards) we were very tired!

We think everyone enjoyed this wonderful opportunity as much as we did. It was an amazing experience and we would like to thank the teachers that came with us and learnt all of the songs and dance moves alongside us - Mrs Nissan, Mrs Morrison and Miss Fitzgerald! 

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