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Jeremy Bowen at Trinity School

BBC Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen, brings Geography lesson to life at Trinity School.

War correspondent and BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen gave a fascinating talk at Trinity School, Croydon, at the invitation of its Geography Department. On his visit last Thursday, the renowned journalist first held a Q&A session with a group of Sixth Form students who were full of questions about his career in journalism and the impact of his work in both the public and private spheres. He then addressed an audience of keen Year 8 geographers about his experience of covering conflicts all over the world from El Salvador to Bosnia and Syria during the past 25 years.

Mr Bowen explained why he was so passionate about his work. He acknowledged the excitement and flow of adrenaline caused by being in dangerous situations, particularly at the start of his career, but told his captivated audience that the sense of purpose created by “shining a light into the dark corners of the world” was by far the most important factor. He said: “As journalists we cannot change the world but at least we can make sure that politicians and others have no excuse not to know what’s going on around the world.”

At the end of the talk, pupil Saul Packer (Year 8) expressed his thanks Jeremy Bowen on behalf of Trinity saying that Mr Bowen “has brought to life our geography lessons on conflict in the Middle East in a very special way.”

Jeremy Bowen commented afterwards: “I love coming into schools and it was a pleasure to come to Trinity. I was delighted to meet such an interesting group of sixth form students and enjoyed sharing my stories with the younger pupils. They asked incredibly perceptive questions.”

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