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Tramlink and The Croydon Citizen team up for Heritage Festival podcast.

As part of this year's Croydon Heritage Festival local journalist Liz Sheppard-Jones has produced a series of podcasts in association with the Croydon Citizen and Tramlink. The podcasts (available to stream below) take the listener on a stop-by-stop journey through the ages and tell of Croydon’s rich heritage. From Dinosaurs named after the town, to its time as a stately hunting ground and its welcoming of numerous royals, archbishops and rock stars. Hop on an eastbound tram at Therapia Lane or head west from Sandilands, for a guided tour through the ages.

Simply play the podcast at each stop to learn more about Croydon and its many facets.

Stream live on-site or download to an mp3 player here

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