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Trinity School Politics Society leads whole school mock election.

In the run up to the general election, members of Trinity School Politics Society led a whole school assembly emphasising the importance of casting a vote for those old enough to do so. 

Cameron Crowley (Year 13) reminded fellow pupils: “As young people we might sometimes feel disillusioned with politics but I would make a plea for you to exercise your right to vote. It is a right that is envied by millions of people across the world.”

Trinity then held its own ‘hustings’ with student candidates answering a host of incisive questions from a packed audience. 

Cameron Clark (Year 12) commented afterwards: “The fact that it was our school friends who were taking the questions gave the campaign completely different feel and made us more likely to listen to their answers!” 

On Thursday 30th April followed a visit from ‘real’ MP, Gavin Barwell. All students were invited to fire questions at him on topical issues, both local and national, and get an insight into what it means to be on the campaign trail. 

Head of History and Politics, John Short commented: “I was delighted by the quality of the debates that that took place and pleased to see so many of our students take a real interest in the political situation, not just those studying the subject for A Level.” 

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