Old Palace Year 2 students pay a special visit to residents at Whitgift House.

Old Palace Year 2 students visited Whitgift House...

A day in the life of Whitgift’s School Captain, Marcel Hedman, on Founder’s Day.

Founder’s Day is the day in which many of the...
Founder's Day at the Croydon Minster

Looking forward to things to come: The Whitgift Foundation celebrates Founder’s Day 2017.

Karen Cadman, Finance Manager at The Whitgift...

Old Palace students share why The Whitgift Foundation’s Founder’s Day is important to them.

Today is an important day for The Whitgift...
Founder's Day 2013

Joe Rooke, Head Boy at Trinity School reflects on his last Founder’s Day service.

Founder’s Day is an annual celebration by the...