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Founder's Day at the Croydon Minster

Looking forward to things to come: The Whitgift Foundation celebrates Founder’s Day 2017.

Karen Cadman, Finance Manager at The Whitgift Foundation shares her Founder’s Day experience

Wednesday 22 March was a day like no other at The Whitgift Foundation. I work as a Finance Manager at the Foundation’s Head Office, however, instead of building business cases, I walked to Croydon Minster where I stopped and thought about the life and work of Archbishop John Whitgift, a man that lived over 400 years ago and founded The Whitgift Foundation.

I started working at the Foundation in September 2015. As a relative newcomer to an organisation that is over 400 years old, I watched for the first time as the wide range of people brought together by one man, gathered to remember him at the special Founder’s Day Service on Wednesday 22 March 2017.

Looking forward to things to come

Together, we shared the first public performance of an anthem written in celebration of Whitgift’s life, his legacy and his achievements. We heard readings by Headteachers and pupils at the Foundation’s three schools and from residents living at Whitgift Care. We listened to an address by Dr Christopher Barnett, the Headmaster at Whitgift School, who is about to retire after 26 years at the helm of his school and the author of a recent book about John Whitgift. Dr Barnett reflected that the pupils listening to him were younger than the 26 years he'd spent at his school and this in turn made me think about how much must have changed since John Whitgift dreamed his dream and started his Foundation so many years ago.

I thought too about key changes still to come. The Whitgift Foundation achieves its charitable aim using income from investment in properties. That means it is central to large scale redevelopment and changes planned in Croydon in the coming years. 

Through these developments, The Whitgift Foundation looks forward to providing more opportunities and welcoming more students to our schools and residents to our homes. 

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