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Old Palace alumna shares how a Whitgift Foundation bursary supported her education.

Daivajani completed her studies with a bursary from The Whitgift Foundation at Old Palace of John Whitgift School in August 2017 having achieved an A* in Maths, A in Further Maths and a B in German. During her time at Old Palace, she enjoyed helping younger people and was involved in a Maths mentoring scheme, becoming a Maths Buddy to Year 7 and 8 students.

With bright ambitions for the future, Daivajani will be studying Mathematics at her first choice, Southampton University with a long-term goal to go into Software Engineering to follow her passion for computing.

Daivajani shares how The Whitgift Foundation bursary scheme helped through her studies.

An instant connection

Living in Wandsworth, Daivajani had never heard of Old Palace of John Whitgift School. Having been told about the School through her relatives, she thought it was very reputable when she came for an open day with her parents. “I instantly thought ‘wow’,” she explains. “The school really appealed to me. The teachers were very welcoming and something just clicked.”

“Without the Whitgift Foundation bursary support I would not have been able to attend an independent school.”

A school with unique charm

It’s no secret the rich history that comes from the School. No other school can boast that unique element. For Daivajani, it’s a more personal experience: “I took GCSE German and went on to take A-level German as that really interested me, however, I was the only student that took German at A-level. But the school went ahead with the subject which allowed me to have really focused, one-to-one lessons. I don’t think you will ever find another school as supportive as Old Palace. They really care about how you progress and your passions.”  

A Whitgift Foundation bursary enables you to explore new experiences

“Without the Whitgift Foundation bursary support I would not have been able to attend an independent school,” Daivajani says. “It has allowed me to explore many experiences from art exhibitions, languages and travelling around the world.”

Helping young people achieve their best

With a passion for helping young people, Daivajani was a Maths Buddy to Year 7 and Year 8 students. She was also the Head of German film club which every week involved watching German movies which helped to hone her German language. “I was also able to travel while at Old Palace too, thanks to the teachers who planned amazing trips which included: Munich, Kur, Berlin and most recently I travelled to Tanzania.”

Advice for a prospective student

“There are so many pluses to going to an independent school,” Daivajani claims. “The classes are much smaller for one, which means your needs are more attended to. Definitely take advantage of that so that you get the best out of your education.”

A school that was once a palace

“It’s still quite hard to believe. To think one of the rooms that Queen Elizabeth I stayed in during her visits to Croydon is now a classroom where Old Palace students are taught in is incredible. With the Shard building opposite the School, you get that contrast of modern and rich history coming together which you won’t get anywhere else.”

Great ambitions for the future

I’ll be studying Mathematics at Southampton University. The course includes a Masters with a year abroad which in total is five years. After that I would like to go into Software Engineering because computing is my passion. 

Old Palace School in three words

Unique, Friendly, Home.

Final words on Old Palace School

“Old Palace ist alles und für mich es ist mein Hous”.

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