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Trinity School alumnus shares how The Whitgift Foundation Bursary helped him. 

Janarth gained 3 A*s in A Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics at Trinity School, and an A in Chemistry. He also gained an A* in his EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) which explored ‘The EPR Paradox’, which he presented to distinguished academic alumni of the School in March 2016. Janarth won the Robbins Prize for Chemistry at Graduation Evening at Trinity School in summer 2016. Janarth attended Trinity School on a full bursary from The Whitgift Foundation which he believes made his achievements possible.

Janarth is currently reading Mathematics and Physics at The University of Warwick.

Choosing an excellent school, perfect for you

Janarth already knew before he applied to Trinity that it was an excellent school – “I knew some people already at Trinity and they always spoke very highly of it. The facilities are so much better compared to other schools I was considering.” And from the impression both he and his parents got from the staff and students, Trinity looked like a really integrated and captivating place to learn. 

Why Trinity is the preferred choice

There was no doubt in Janarth’s mind that Trinity School is the preferred choice. “Whenever someone asks what school I go to, they always recognise the name; Trinity has an excellent reputation both inside and outside of Croydon”. Whether it’s because of Trinity School’s top exam results, an article in the local paper on pupils giving up their time to host a Christmas party for the elderly, or students being selected for national sports teams, people know Trinity is an exceptional school that makes exceptional students.

A proud moment in time

When asked, Janarth didn’t take long to think about his proudest moment. “Definitely opening my envelope on A level results day and finding out I had gotten into Warwick, which was my first choice. 7 years of hard work had paid off.”

How has the Whitgift Foundation bursary support helped you?

For many students, receiving financial support towards their education makes a big difference. This was also the case for Janarth who explains, “First and foremost, there would have been no way for me to attend Trinity, which is where I knew I really wanted to go. I wouldn’t have had anywhere near as good an education.” The Whitgift Foundation understands the importance of a good education, that is why we currently give financial support to 44% of students, totalling more than £5 million a year, offering a strong inclusive culture, educating young people from many backgrounds and many walks of life.

“I would be a completely different person today because I know Trinity didn’t just mean I learnt things in classrooms – it shaped my character and the type of person I would become. I wouldn’t have had the friends I have today, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have achieved the exam results I was consistently able to achieve through learning at Trinity.”

A future in finance

With high achieving exam results, after completing his degree at Warwick, Janarth has his ambitions set to a career working in London in banking or finance.

A rounded education outside of the classroom

Educational excellence isn’t just cultivated in the classroom. During his time at Trinity, Janarth played the clarinet in the wind orchestra, symphony orchestra, and a clarinet quartet. He was also a keen batsman having played cricket during his earlier years before joining the RAF section of the CCF during his later years at school. That’s not all, Janarth was a skilled chess player, too, leaving Trinity as the captain of the 1st team.

My advice: “Get involved”

Trinity has so many clubs and extracurricular activities on offer: from, playing an instrument and joining the orchestra, to taking up a sport and playing for a team, or performing in termly productions. Janarth explains: “You’ll pick up invaluable skills and have a great time with great people at the same time.”

Know no limits at Trinity

“Learning at Trinity is definitely one of the key, if not the key thing that has determined where I am now, and indeed where I’ll end up.” Janarth explains, “Attending Trinity exceeded my own expectations in exams and it has set me up with an excellent foundation for the rest of my life.”

“I’ve left Trinity now, but everything I achieve and do will only have been possible because I went to Trinity.”

A school like no other

“There’s so much I’ve learnt and experienced that I had no idea I would have done. If someone had told me what was in store for me before I went, I wouldn’t have believed them. I expected just to turn up at 8:30am, learn some things, and sit some exams, but I’ve gone to Italy and climbed mountains, played in the orchestra at Glyndebourne Opera House, and made friends I know I’ll keep for the rest of my life. My days at Trinity have been some of the best in my life.”

How would you sum up Trinity School in 3 words?

Integrated, cultivating, and unparalleled


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