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Trinity School students report on current affairs as part of BBC News School Report day. 

Pupils at Trinity School, Croydon experienced what it’s like to be at the forefront of breaking news by taking part in BBC News School Report. 

A chance for pupils to exercise their journalistic skills during the pressures and buzz of a ‘live’ news day, BBC News School Report took place on Thursday 16 March. 

Pupils put all their hard work to excellent effect, building a website from scratch from their newsroom full of stories, videos, picture galleries and podcasts, covering stories in the local area. The website was posted on the BBC website that afternoon. 

Teachers worked with pupils on developing key journalistic skills including writing feature articles, developing web stories and crafting headlines. 

Reporters went to Croydon's Boxpark to interview its Chief Executive Roger Wade, its Events and Marketing manager, several local business owners, as well as consumers to find out what it is that has made the newest Boxpark such a success. 

Scott Mutter and Graham Norton, members of the London Ambulance Service, also gave their time to talk to the pupils about their experiences responding to the tram crash that tragically occurred in Croydon in November 2016. 

Luke Benedict, Teacher of English at Trinity, said: “the pupils have done brilliantly. We are very proud of all the journalistic work they have produced. It’s been a real team effort and we’ve got some great exclusive stories”

Daniel Westwood, Third Form at Trinity, said: “the whole experience has been really useful. It’s the closest thing we’ll get to doing real journalism so I’m feeling inspired and have had a great news day”

Visit Trinity’s news page to view over 20 original stories, videos and interviews including, the school’s very own Trinity One Show recorded live in our TV studio on the day itself. 


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