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Trinity student, Eliott Richards named Trinity Steinway Piano Scholar for 2017 and 2018.

Eliott Richards, aged 15, has been named Trinity School’s Steinway Scholar for 2017/18. 

The School was delighted to announce that Eliott has received the coveted award, donated by Steinway and awarded in collaboration with the Royal College of Music. 

Eliott has been playing the piano for nine years. Learning from his experiences when participating in the competition last year, Eliott spent the last year maturing his method of practice and performance, which has led to his success this year. 

On receiving the award, Eliott said: “When I found out I couldn’t quite believe it – I was in shock. There are no words to describe the feeling, it’s amazing and a real privilege. I’m looking forward to experiencing what it would be like to be a professional concert pianist.” 

 Richard Evans, Director of Piano at Trinity, said: “I’m delighted for Eliott. He’s a tremendous talent with a big future for sure. His progress over the past couple of years has been very exciting and he now plays with such poise, confidence and assurance for somebody so young.” 

Head of Piano at the Royal College of Music, Professor Vanessa Latarche, said: “Eliott’s audition was exemplary. His playing is already mature for somebody so young and he has real intensity and commitment too. I’m really looking forward to working with him this year, he’s a very talented pianist with amazing potential.” 

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