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A day in the life of Whitgift’s School Captain, Marcel Hedman, on Founder’s Day.

Founder’s Day is the day in which many of the different facets of the Whitgift Foundation, including the schools and Whitgift Care homes, come together to celebrate Archbishop John Whitgift establishing the Whitgift Foundation over 420 years ago.

This year was the first time I have attended, and I have gained a much deeper insight into the powerful legacy that Archbishop John Whitgift has left behind. Founder’s Day was particularly special for me because I had never truly understood the great history behind Whitgift School and The Whitgift Foundation, and to realise that I had become a part of that history was truly humbling.

The day commenced with a church service at the chapel in Whitgift House and following the service, we proceeded to have breakfast with the governors and the student leadership team at Old Palace. It was an interesting blend of people both young and old coming together which demonstrates the reach of the Foundation to people of all ages.

The main service at Croydon Minster was very formal and consisted of readings by students and teachers at Whitgift, Trinity and Old Palace schools. The address given by Dr Barnett revealed the similarities between us current students and a young John Whitgift, and filled me with a new passion to set my goals as high as possible as I am living the results of someone who did.

Written by Marcel Hedman, School Captain of Whitgift School 

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