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We were founded in 1596 by Archbishop John Whitgift. We have a charitable commitment to provide education for the young and care for the elderly in the Borough of Croydon.

Today, over 400 years later, that commitment continues to grow. We run three outstanding independent schools which are supported by one of the largest bursary schemes in the country; we care for elderly people in Croydon in our three care homes under Whitgift Care; and we offer invaluable and impartial information, support and training to an estimated 34,000 carers in Croydon through our Carers’ Information Service. In 2013, in a joint initiative with Croydon Council, we opened the Carers Support Centre, a drop-in centre which offers a range of services for carers in Croydon.

From one to 103 years old, we are proud to support thousands of people in the local area. Find out about our charitable activities for 2017/18 in our Annual Journal.