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Trinity alumnus believes the Whitgift Foundation bursary scheme helped him achieve his goals.

Oscar completed his studies with a bursary from The Whitgift Foundation at Trinity School in 2016. During his time at Trinity, Oscar played an active role in the extracurricular activities the school offers, namely the Trinity Choir, Diving, Drama and the Orchestra.

The Trinity alumnus is currently reading Physics and Astronomy at Durham University with the opportunity to visit Singapore as part of his course.

Oscar shares how The Whitgift Foundation bursary scheme helped him through his studies.

The Whitgift Foundation bursary helps to achieve goals

Oscar believes without The Whitgift Foundation bursary, he wouldn’t be where he is today. “At state school, I was allowed to go through the motions. I was never pushed to do anything and frankly, I never had the motivation to. At Trinity, it was quite opposite. I was challenged and motivated which helped to achieve my goals.”

Superior pastoral care

Having been in state school education for quite some time, Trinity was appealing to Oscar because it meant he was able to study in an environment which was far more focused on the individual, with facilities and tuition far superior to any other school he knew. “It really is the best I have ever witnessed at any institution.”

Studying at Trinity

Oscar loved studying at Trinity. He explains: “The opportunities offered were second to none and the teachers always showed a genuine interest in helping you do well.”

Exceeding expectations

“My grades were what I was most proud of,” Oscar recalls. “I far exceeded my expectations of myself. I also became a Sports Diver, performed in Greece and performed in the English National Opera.”

Proudest moments

With school life comes the inevitable exams that every student ultimately works towards from the beginning of their school journey, to the end where all their hard work pays of in their results. So, it’s no surprise that for Oscar, his proudest moment was receiving his GCSE results. “I had worked so hard to get my grades and it was a special moment when I found out it had all paid off.”

Advice for new starters

Oscar’s advice is to “relax and enjoy the experience. It goes by very quickly, so grasp every opportunity and make the most of it.”

Trinity education shapes the future

“Without a doubt, I would not have had the motivation or the work ethic that I do now if I had not gone to Trinity,” Oscar believes. “It has shaped my future in a way that I feel has successfully set me up in whatever field I go in to.”

Lessons learnt since leaving school

“Having good grades is great,” Oscar says, “but to get to where you want to be you have to show that you are rounded and personable.”

Trinity School in three words

Fun, Caring, Motivational.

Final words on Trinity School

If you have the chance of going, take it. I did and it was the best decision of my life.