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Croydon carers honoured as peacemakers in World Peace Day celebration.

Croydon carers’ contributions to peace was celebrated through music and photography in honour of international Peace Day on 21 September this year.

Led by singer and choir leader Katie Rose, the Croydon Carers Choir gathered at the Carers Support Centre on Wednesday 26 September to sing about peace, using peace phrases and affirmations created by carers to spread messages of love and tolerance in global languages.

Now approaching its third anniversary, Croydon Carers Choir offers unpaid carers in Croydon the opportunity to express themselves and develop inner peace through a range of musical styles from around the world.

Croydon photographer Rob Wilson Jr. will continue the celebrations by donating a series of photographs honouring the peaceful influence of local carers to the Carers Support Centre.

Originally created for the Who Keeps the Peace? exhibition at Croydon Clocktower, Rob’s photos feature local carers as unsung peacemakers in the community.

The Carers Support Centre will showcase the photos with quotes from local carers sharing their ideas for finding peace in everyday life.

Singer and choir leader Katie Rose is passionate about the peaceful influence of Croydon Carers Choir: ‘Singing together is an important source of peaceful respite for carers,’ she says. ‘When we feel more at peace we are better able to cope with life's challenges and to enjoy more peaceful, harmonious relationships with those around us.’

Rob Wilson Jr. is equally passionate about carers’ contributions to peace: ‘It was a great honour to work alongside these iconic Croydon groups and capture the faces of some of the people who strive behind the scenes to bring peace, harmony and cohesion into the lives of our communities every day,’ says Rob.

These events take place as part of a range of regular free activities to support carers’ inner wellbeing at the Carers Support Centre, including massage, dance, Tai Chi and Pilates.

To find out more about the latest workshops and events for carers, visit:


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