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Trinity School host insightful Facets of Science lecture evening for Lower Sixth students.

On Thursday 8th March, Trinity held its first Facets of Science lecture evening, at which students were given insight into the work of three respected professors from their individual fields of science. Here's what our Lower Sixth Students, Mollie and Funmi, had to say:

Professor Julian Ma, from St. George’s gave a very brief overview of the difficulties in developing vaccines in less developed countries, and the promising role of plant-based drug manufacture in meeting these challenges. This talk demonstrated the scope that studying a science like biology will give you in a future career, valuable information to those of us wanting to pursue a career in the biological field. 

Professor David Colling then gave a fascinating talk about the Large Hadron Collider and how this led to the discovery of the Higgs Boson. He spoke about the enormous computing power and an infrastructure that stretches across the world required to handle and interpret the huge volumes of data generated through research at CERN. It demonstrated that it is not only pure scientists who are needed to work in that field. 

Lastly came a talk from Peter O’Hare, who told us how developments in chemistry are revolutionising life sciences. This related the most to my future aspirations, making interesting links between the concepts we are meeting in biology lessons and the applications of these to cutting-edge developments in molecular and cell biology. 

All three speakers were engaging and insightful in speaking about the fields in which they work and the event helped to broaden our understanding of the scope that all three sciences offer in our future careers. 

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