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Carers Support Centre and local pharmacy join forces to help Croydon’s carers beat flu.

Carers can beat the winter flu blues at the Carers Support Centre thanks to Croydon’s Community Pharmacists.

Any Croydon carer looking after an ill, elderly or disabled friend, neighbour or relative can receive a free flu jab at the Centre.

By getting the jab, carers can save themselves from the worry of who would look after the person they care for if they caught flu.

Forthcoming flu jab drop-in dates are 10, 17 and 24 October, 11am - 12noon at the Carers Support Centre, a drop-in advice and support centre for carers in George Street.

Carers can also get a jab from their pharmacist or GP if they look after an older or disabled person who may be at risk if they fell ill or if they receive the carer’s benefit Carer’s Allowance.

Andrew McCoig, Croydon Community Pharmacists’ lead spokesperson, said ‘Community Pharmacists are once more, delighted and willing to assist the Carers Support Centre in helping carers achieve the best possible access to flu vaccination for this coming winter season. This outreach service was set up by the Centre management three years ago and has gone from strength to strength.’

Helen Thompson, Carers Support Centre manager, said ‘Offering the flu jabs at the Carers Support Centre helps us give local carers convenience and peace of mind over the winter flu season. We’re thrilled that Croydon Community Pharmacists are continuing to provide this service, and we encourage any carer thinking about getting the jab to drop in and find out more.’ 

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