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Dr Christopher Barnett receives an MBE as part of the The Queen's Birthday Honours

Former Whitgift Headmaster Dr Barnett is listed on Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Whitgift's former Headmaster will receive an MBE as part of the The Queen's Birthday Honours.

The Queen’s Birthday Honours list has been announced, and this year it includes Whitgift’s former Headmaster, Dr Christopher Barnett. It is a great achievement that Dr Barnett (Whitgift Headmaster 1991-2017) will be receiving an MBE for his service to Education and we congratulate him on this award.

The Honours List recognises the achievements of a wide range of extraordinary people across the United Kingdom and this year will be celebrating 1,057 individuals across a broad number of categories including Industry and the Economy; Science and Technology; The Arts, Music and Dance, Local Communities and more, as well as Education.

Well done to Dr Barnett and the other recipients.

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