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Foundation celebrates GCSE exam results day

Whitgift Foundation celebrates achievements on GCSE exam results day

Students and staff across The Whitgift Foundation’s three schools are celebrating phenomenal success in this year’s GCSE and IGCSE results, marking another year of outstanding grades achieved across the Foundation’s three leading independent schools in Croydon:

  • Whitgift students celebrate further exam success

After some outstanding results from the Whitgift Sixth Form last week, the Year 11 students have followed up with an excellent set of grades at GCSE and IGCSE. Boys at Whitgift School are delighted with their results in the new GCSE exams.

Nearly half of the new style entries were awarded at the top grades of 8 or 9, with further achievements including:

  • 95% A*-B
  • 22% Grade 9 - compares with 4.3% nationally
  • 74.3% level7/8/9 (A*-A)

Particular success with the new style grading was seen in Mathematics, where 40% of candidates were awarded the new top grade 9.  The grade 9 has been introduced to recognise those pupils who have performed exceptionally well, at the very top of the A* grade.  Of those subjects using the lettered grades for the final time, there were notable achievements in the Sciences where A* grades were awarded to a superb 70% of Biology candidates, 60% of Chemistry candidates and 60% of Physics candidates.

An impressive 32 pupils achieved the top grades possible (9 or A*) in eight or more of their subjects, and three achieved the rare feat of gaining top grades in all 11 of their subject entries: Max Ronte with five A* results and six at grade 9, also Robert Heaver and Spencer Wood, each with four at A* and seven at grade 9.

Chris Ramsey, Headmaster of Whitgift, commented: "I would like to congratulate the boys who achieved excellent results and the staff who helped them do so. There were many stunning successes in what has been nationally recognised as a turbulent year. I am very proud of all these boys’ successes, as I know are the staff at the School."

  • An excellent set of GCSE results from Old Palace of John Whitgift

Old Palace is delighted to announce another excellent set of GSCE results. In a year which has seen students take subjects resulting in a mix of the familiar A*- E grades and the new 9 - 1 grades, the percentage of top grades in both has been most impressive. We are especially pleased to see that 29% of papers were graded 9 (higher than an A*). This is considerably above the national average. 

  • 9-1 grades
  • 29%: 9
  • 52%: 9-8
  • 73%: 9-7
  • A*- E grades: 
  • 21%: A*
  • 57%: A*- A 
  • 82%: A* -B

In Further Maths, 100% of Old Palace students achieved A** - B.

Particular congratulations must go to Shannon, who achieved an outstanding six 9s and five A*s.

Mrs Jewell, Head of Old Palace, said: “The girls’ achievements reflect the astounding dedication of Old Palace staff, who have run many additional academic support sessions to steer the girls through this entirely new GCSE landscape. I know that families and Governors are immensely grateful for the staff’s commitment. Our high percentage of top grades (9s), is truly uplifting.”

  • Trinity students celebrate GCSE success

Students at Trinity School, Croydon had cause for celebration today when they received their GCSE results. 

In a year of a mix of old and new grading systems, 68% of grades were awarded A*, 9 or 8, when last year 58% of grades were A*s. 88% of grades were A*, A or their new equivalents 9, 8 and 7. 

Out of the 24 subjects offered at Trinity, 11 were graded under the new system (9-1), and 13 remained under the outgoing structure of lettered grades.  In the subjects graded under the new system, including English and Maths, 41% of grades were 9 and 68% were 9 or 8.  

Out of 134 candidates, particular congratulations go to the 79 boys who achieved all A*, A, 9, 8 and 7 grades, and the 19 boys who got A*, 9 and 8 grades in all their GCSE subjects. 

Alasdair Kennedy, Trinity’s Headmaster, said:“We are proud of the results that this year group have achieved.  They and their teachers have worked very hard and we are delighted to see the boys’ ability and character recognised in this way.  They can move to the next stage of their education with real confidence.”

Sidhanth Sureshkumar, who achieved all A* and 9 grades, said:“I worked really hard and our teachers have been fantastic, so I’m really happy.”

Supporting the students

The three schools educate more than 3,000 students with nearly half of students supported by one of the largest bursary and scholarship schemes in the UK.

The Whitgift Foundation currently grants more that £5 million a year in bursary support and more than 46% of pupils receive a bursary and/or a scholarship.

This scheme is vital to ensure as many talented young people from different backgrounds across Croydon can attend the Foundation’s schools and receive an outstanding education to help them achieve their potential.

Martin Corney, Chief Executive, The Whitgift Foundation, said: “Congratulations to the class of 2018 in achieving another set of exceptional GCSE and IGCSE results. This year’s results are a culmination of hard work and dedication from students and school staff. I wish the students every success to excel in their full potential as they transition to the next stage in their young adult life.” 

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