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Below are some frequently asked questions about the help we offer with paying school fees. If you require further information, please contact Trinity, Whitgift or Old Palace of John Whitgift Schools directly.

Can my child obtain a bursary and a scholarship?

Yes. Both are applied to the fees due; the scholarship is deducted followed by any bursary amount awarded, subject to certain minimum contributions.

What are the minimum parental contributions to the fees?

Minimum parental contributions are detailed here, however this is only a guide. Where bursaries and/or scholarships are awarded, a minimum parental contribution is due depending on relevant income levels.

What happens if my income falls suddenly?

You should immediately write to the Chief Executive of The Whitgift Foundation explaining the circumstances and giving as much information as possible. Whilst a bursary may not be awarded, you may be able to reach an agreement for payment over an extended period.

What about divorced parents?

Providing the divorce is finalised before the child sits the entrance examination, the parental contribution will normally be assessed on the relevant income of the parent who has actual custody of the child, plus the income of their spouse or partner. Maintenance is included in relevant income, and The Whitgift Foundation reserves the right to ask for income details of both parents if it is deemed necessary.

Are there any expenses which a Whitgift Foundation bursary does not cover?

Bursary grants do not cover the cost of uniforms, travel, trips or school meals. A-Level, IB and GCSE examinations are charged to parents at the cost levied by the examination boards. School trips are often heavily subsidised. Contact the school directly for more information.