About the video
We help thousands of people in Croydon on a daily basis. Our film tells the story of a few of these people and how they can be linked together. The central theme is a tram stop where at any given time in Croydon, you could be sat next to, in a queue with, or walking down the street next to someone whose life has been touched by The Whitgift Foundation. The film aims to brings a sense of interconnectivity to Croydon.  “We’re here to help. More often than you think” is the line given at the end of the film, letting the people of Croydon know that The Whitgift Foundation, in one way or another, is there to help someone you know, or may not know.

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Case studies

Dawn’s story
Dawn, a 62 year old Croydon local, came to the Carers Support Centre for help after she took on caring for her husband full time who has type 2 diabetes and suffers from osteoarthritis... Read more

Bill’s story
Before Bill moved into the Whitgift Almshouses, he would sit on his own at home with a crossword puzzle. With no family and friends around him, Bill felt lonely and found it hard to socialise… Read more

Kathy’s story
Kathy has been a Senior Nurse at Whitgift Care for ten years. She specialises in end of life care and has been on the Gold Standard framework training course to give the highest standard of care to her residents… Read more

Charlie’s story
The Whitgift Foundation has been a strong support to Charlie and his family. Coming from a lone parent background, his mother was finding it hard to make ends meet financially… Read more

David’s story
David, a 64 year old Croydon local, has type 2 diabetes and suffers from osteoarthritis that affects his mobility and day to day activities. Simple tasks such as buttoning his shirt and feeding himself is a strain… Read more