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Whitgift World Book Day 2019

Whitgift celebrated World Book Day by inviting children’s writer Nick Cook

At the beginning of March, Nick Cook was invited to Whitgift School as part of the School’s celebration of World Book Day. Nick is the writer of the trilogy, Cloud Riders and is currently working on a new trilogy Soul Cage, a story where a quantum physics experiment goes badly wrong with terrifying consequences. 

The Lower School boys welcomed Nick to an extended assembly in the morning and he then led workshops throughout the day in various English lessons. His workshops were based on core subjects of his books, using interactive exercises and even creating a tornado twister in the classroom for the students. They then produced a piece of creative writing based on what would happened if a twister came to their home town. 

Nick also held a book signing session in the Raeburn Library at lunch time which many of the boys attended and were very excited about. 

First Form pupil, Dylan Viswanatha remarked, “It was so much fun and I found it inspirational to learn about his books.”  

World Book Day is celebrated all over the world to recognise and encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading, and to provide every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own. Nick Cook has a passion for science and astronomy, and is especially interested in new discoveries in quantum physics. For more information about Nick Cook, please visit

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