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Old Palace help the homeless

Old Palace students joined together to raise donations for homeless as part of The Well Project.

Old Palace have recently been involved in a great initiative jointly run by the Salvation Army providing sanitary aid for the homeless in the local community. An Old Palace student reports on the experience:

In late November 2015, Mrs Smith sent out a letter to the parents and students of in years 6 & 7 informing them about a joint initiative with the Salvation Army that the school was involved in.

‘The Well’ provides a full catering service, a shower and washing facility at the Croydon Citadel of the Salvation Army on Booth Road, Croydon.  People who attend ‘The Well’ are living marginalised and excluded lifestyles because of homelessness, addictions and mental health issues within the Borough of Croydon and its surrounding areas.

‘The Well’ aims to provide Rest, Sustenance, Shelter and Hope to those who visit it.

In keeping with the Old Palace Ethos of Service to others in our community, we were asked to consider donating toiletries for the shower facility at ‘The Well’ this term.  A large number of flannels, bars of soap, shower gels, toothpastes, toothbrushes, shampoos, razors and deodorants were kindly donated by the staff, parents and students.  These items were packed and delivered to the Citadel just before we closed for the Christmas holidays.

I felt very honoured to be involved in this very worthwhile initiative.  Most of us do not think twice about having hot water to shower with and having clean and fresh smelling clothes to wear each day.  It felt good to be involved in trying to help someone else to enjoy the comforts that most of us take for granted.  

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