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Old Palace students succeed in British Physics Olympiad's GCSE Physics Challenge.

Year 11 students sat the British Physics Olympiad’s GCSE Physics Challenge in March earlier this year. The girls performed superbly, each achieving Bronze awards. A special congratulation goes to Amy, Yasmin, Megan, Shannon and Yihuan.

Congratulations also to Zarah, who secured Bronze in the AS Physics Olympiad and Alice, who achieved Silver.

‘It was a great experience to put Physics from our lessons into practice with real-life situations, and get a recognised award for it’. Alice and Zarah, Year 12

AS Physics Olympiad

The British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) is an initiative by Oxford University’s Physics Department. Its mission to ‘encourage the study of Physics and recognise excellence in young physicists’. They run competitions for GCSE, AS and A level Physics students.

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