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Local street artist VanDali draws out creativity of Trinity School students.

London-based street artist, internationally known as VanDali, led a group of Trinity pupils in an inspiring art session as part of the Trinity Summer Arts Festival. 

60 Junior Form pupils were asked to work in teams to create their own works of art on canvas, each based the different themes of ‘thought’, ‘freestyle’ and ‘illusion’. They did this by using different colours of spray paint and working in pairs against the clock to complete their pieces. 

VanDali is well known for painting large wall murals. His artistic expression is “a surreal vision of Universal Consciousness translated into Abstract Graffiti Technique”. He encouraged the group to use different graffiti techniques, including layering, incorporating angles, and making things look three-dimensional. 

Finn, a pupil at Trinity, said: “It’s been really fun and great to learn something different.” 

VanDali said: “They are a great, bright and lively group. It’s been a quick session so I’m making sure they have something to take back to their lessons.” 

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