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Whitgift School Treasure Island

Whitgift School performs a spectacular production of Treasure Island.

With the Clocktower’s galleon standing tall over Whitgift’s Big School, it was apt that the evening’s entertainment was of a nautical theme. The Lower School had promised an ‘evening full of swashbuckling, skulduggery and derring-do’ with Stuart Paterson’s adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and indeed they did.

When an old sea captain dies at his parents’ inn, the discovery of a treasure map sets young Jim Hawkins (Kit Connor) on an adventure on the high seas; with a crew that is not all what it seems. Whilst Captain Smollett (Henry Griffiths), Squire Trelawney (Alex Painter) and Doctor Livesey (Joe Eve) are honourable, the same cannot be said for the fabled Long John Silver (Sumatera Saragih-Simarmata) and his shady ship mates. Crooked or not, the crew learnt the hard way that Treasure Island does not give up her gold easily.

Director, Mr Hugh Trimble, commented, “I’m immensely proud of our talented and dedicated cast. The boys have given a huge amount of their time and energy to this production, and have ended up with a thrilling show which I really believe shows school drama at its very best.”

Though productions must come to an end, one might imagine the pirates’ shanties echoing in Big School for a while to come.

For further information Whitgift School, visit their webpage.

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