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Whitgift Care is an integral part of The Whitgift Foundation and has been since John Whitgift, The Archbishop of Canterbury, laid his founding stone more than 400 years ago at The Hospital of the Holy Trinity, now known as the Whitgift Almshouses.

If you or someone close to you is looking to live an independent lifestyle with help close at hand or you require residential or full nursing care, Whitgift Care Homes have one thing in common – they are a place you can call home.

Our three Homes: The Whitgift Almshouses, Whitgift House and Wilhelmina House, are happy, thriving and secure communities where staff are on hand 24 hours a day to meet residents’ needs, whether it is a full programme of activities, a friendly chat or just a cup of tea.

Within Whitgift Care, we like to call ourselves a family where residents can move between homes depending on how much or little care support is needed. Our core values of respect, dignity and privacy are our priority.

Have a look at the sections on our three homes to find out more about Whitgift Care; or visit our dedicated website.