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Whitgift's budding actors take part in traditional School House Drama competition. 

Andrew’s House were the winners of this year’s House Drama 2018, with their self-written play titled, ‘The Play’.

The long-standing tradition that is the Whitgift School House Drama competition is always a great start to the year for our budding actors and those wanting to get involved. This event is unique in the school’s theatrical programme as it is the only one in which no creative input from staff is allowed. Other than making sure that the boys go to rehearsals, Housemasters are not able to provide any help, giving the boys the opportunity of doing everything themselves: directing, rehearsing, choreographing, providing a technical script etc. Dodd’s House even pre-recorded their own video clips to segue in with the live spectacle.

This year Andrew’s House were victorious with their self-written play, ‘The Play’. It focussed on two budding playwrights (Fourth Formers, Jack Godwin and Will Allnutt) trying to come up with an idea for a script for a drama competition. Whilst they discussed their ideas, the rest of the cast mimed around them wearing an assortment of increasingly surreal costumes to bring their fantasies to life. Senior Housemaster and English Teacher, Mr Dominic Edwards commented, “Andrew’s House was a ‘metatheatrical’ success! The boys really go all out in their quest for the cup.”

The judges for the night, acclaimed actors Keith Bartlett and Jacqueline King, praised all eight Houses for both their skill and endeavour but they were in agreement with the audience that the Andrew’s performance stood out as the highlight of the night, commenting on how it was a perfect sketch to fit the remit of the competition. Thank you to both Keith and Jacqueline for being our House Drama judges. Keith will also be directing Macbeth at the end of the term and we eagerly anticipate this next performance with our Upper School students.

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