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Whitgift Fifth Former’s Extreme Enduro Biking experience sees terrific results.  

Fifth Former Mathias Salin competed in the ‘Steady Eddy X-treme’ enduro bike racing competition, in November. The event is aimed at riders wanting to gain extreme endure experience, as well as being open to more seasoned racers. In the first of a series of three events,
Mathias raced at Cowm Quarry, Greater Manchester, where 160 entrants took part in the course. They had to navigate their way around rocks, logs, tyres and a water-filled tunnel.

The 15-year-old performed outstandingly to win the Youth Class, and finished 13th overall. With riders at various stages of completion of the course, it took a lot of grit and determination to pass his fellow competitors and get to the top position.

In the second leg of the competition, in Wales, he won the Youth Class again, by some distance, and came 12th overall. 

Whitgift wishes Mathias all the best for the Extreme Enduro British Championship season, which starts mid-January.

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